Valves: Resource for Professionals in the Process Industry

Valves: Resource for Professionals in the Process Industry

Types of Valves

  1. Types of Valves
  2. Globe Valve, Types of Globe Valve
  3. Types of Valves Used in Process Control
  4. Blow down valve
  5. Multiport Valve
  6. Isolation Valves – Purpose, Types & Configurations
  7. Directional Control Valve and Types of Dcv
  8. Emergency Stop Valve
  9. Bellow Seal Valve
  10. Automatic Recirculating Valve and it Uses
  11. Reversing Valve
  12. Deluge Valve and Need For a Deluge System
  13. Expansion Valve
  14. Balancing Valve
  15. Counterbalance Valve
  16. Sequence Valve
  17. Cartridge Valve
  18. Servo Valve
  19. Rotary Airlock Valve
  20. Blow-Down Valve
  21. Breather Valve and its uses
  22. Air Valve and its installation procedure
  23. Hydraulic Valve and its Types
  24. Shuttle Valve and Logic Valve
  25. Foot Valve and its Uses
  26. Check Valve and its Uses
  27. Spool Valve and its Types
  28. Plug Valve and its uses
  29. Ball Valve and its applications
  30. Gate Valve and its applications
  31. Butterfly Valve and its applications
  32. Globe Valve and its applications
  33. Needle Valve and its uses
  34. Diaphragm Valve and its uses
  35. Double-Check Valve / Shuttle Valve
  36. Motor Operated Valves

Function of Different Type Valves

  1. Pressure – Reducing Valves and its Applications
  2. Trip-Throttle Valve and its working principle
  3. Features of Plug Valve
  4. Types of Valve Tests
  5. Types of check Valve
  6. Pilot Valve and its functions
  7. Float Valve and its Functions
  8. Pneumatic Valve and its functions
  9. Poppet Valve and its functions 
  10. Unloading Valve working principle
  11. Globe Valve Working principle
  12. Self-Actuated Pressure Control Valve Principle
  13. Function of  Directional Control Valve (Dcv)
  14. Function of Automated Block Valve 
  15.  Function of Emergency Block Valve 
  16. Proportional Vs Servo Valves
  17. Function Types of Special Purpose Valve 
  18. Piston Valve and its working principle
  19. Pinch Valve and its working principle
  20. Functions of  Esdv (Emergency Shutdown Valve)
  21. Different Types of Valve Seats
  22. Functions of Choke Valve 
  23. Functions of Vacuum Breaker Valve and its uses
  24. Functions of Anti-Surge Valve

Relief and Safety Valves

  1. Parts of Pressure Relief Valve
  2. Safety Valve Principle
  3. Safety Valve Testing and Calibration
  4. Pressure Relief Valve – Working Principle
  5. Pressure Relief Valve operation
  6. Functions of  Pressure Control Valve
  7. Subsurface Safety Valve
  8. Purpose of Safety Valve
  9. Purpose of Pressure Relief Valve
  10. Difference Between Blowdown Valves (Bdv) & Pressure Safety Valve (Psv)

Instrument Manifold Valve 

  1. Three Way Manifold Valve
  2. Manifold Valve Mounting Techniques
  3. 3 way Valve and 5 way Valve Manifolds

Solenoid Valves

  1. Different Types of Direct Acting Solenoid Valves
  2. Solenoid Valve: Which is Better Dc or Ac Solenoid Valve?
  3. Implementing a Solenoid Operated Valve for Emergency Shutdown
  4. Solenoid Valve Working
  5. Common Problems in Solenoid Valve & its Solutions
  6. Solenoid Valve Versus Motorized Valve
  7. Various Types of Solenoid Valves and Their Schematics
  8.  Part of Solenoid Valve
  9. Solenoid Valve Functional Testing
  10. Solenoid Actuators, Working & Applications

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