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Welcome to your one-stop resource for essential instrumentation tools. This toolkit simplifies your instrumentation tasks, whether you’re calibrating transmitters, simulating PID loops, or converting signals and units. Discover free PID loop simulation tools, calculate split ranges with ease, and ensure compatibility in your projects. With an instrumentation tool  on-the-go conversions, your instrumentation tasks just got simpler. Explore our range of tools for efficiency and precision in one convenient place.

Your Instrumentation Tools Resource 1

The following are some of those most often used instrumentation tools:

  1. Excel Tool for DP Type Level and Density Transmitter Calibration Range Calculation
  2. Excel Based PID Loop Simulator
  3. Free PID Loop Simulation Tools
  4. Split Range Calculator – Control System
  5. Unit Conversion Tool for Instrumentation Engineer
  6. Tool for Converting Instrumentation Standard Signals and Process Variables 
  7. Android Application to Convert Instrumentation Standard Signals and Process Variables 

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Electrical Engineering Excel Toolkit

Electrical Excel tools are a number of spreadsheets that are meant to assist electrical engineers & technicians in performing their works. These spreadsheets may be found in Excel. These tools have the capability to automate complicated computations, provide reports, and make drawings.

Electrical Excel outcomes may automate complicated calculations and procedures, which frees up time needed to focus on other essential tasks. This results in increased productivity.

Your Instrumentation Tools Resource 2

The following are some of those most often used Electrical Excel tools:

  1. Grounding Conductor Calculator
  2. Voltage Drop Calculator
  3. Electricity Consumption Calculator
  4. Transformer Short Circuit Current Calculation
  5. Optimizing Power Systems for Large Motor Startup: Transformer Sizing and Voltage Drop Analysis
  6. Transformer Protection with IDMT Relays (Over Current / Earth Fault / Differential)
  7. Electrical Load Analysis Tool: Transformer, Fuse, and Circuit Breaker Sizing
  8. Insulation Resistance in Excel: Simplifying Calculations for Safer System
  9. Electrical Equation Solver: Ohm’s Law Excel Toolkit

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