Process Control

Three element boiler feed water control

Three Element Control

What is 3 Element Control? Boilers in power plants that encounter quick and wide-ranging load variations need three-element control. Control with three elements is quite similar to control with two elements, with the exception that the water flow loop is closed rather than open. In order to determine the feedwater flow’s index or set point, …

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PID controller tuning

Terminology What is the purpose of controller tuning? Tuning of control system The response produced by the process to a load or S.P change after the optimum controller parameters have been set, is known as the “optimum response”. The optimum response differs from process to process. However, the most common criteria is to adjust the …

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What is an adaptive control?

Adaptive control can be described as an auto-correcting form of control, it is composed of both feedback and optimal control. An adaptive control system would measure the output process variable and this will be used to control the speed. So basically an adaptive control system can adjust its parameters automatically in a way to compensate …

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