What is a Network?

Network Networking Terms Client/Server Interaction The client/server concept is a new computing frontier made possible by computer networks.          A network is a collection of computer hardware parts connected by communication channels that enables resource and information sharing. Two computers connected to one another is an example of a network. Types of Network Area Networks …

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Types of Sensors used in Vibration Measurement

Vibration  Oscillating movement around equilibrium position is called as vibration. Vibration measurement is used to check electric motors, turbines or bearings health and resonance. The dynamics of the machine, such as the alignment and balance of the spinning elements, are what cause vibrations in all rotating machines. Monitoring vibration amplitude at specific frequencies can reveal …

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Thermistor Types

Thermistor Working Principle

Thermistors Construction of Thermistor Resistance vs. Temperature Curve of Thermistor Difference between Thermistors and Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD) Resistance V/s Temperature Characteristic Curve Thermistor as Temperature Sensor Thermistor Types To know about various types of thermistors, it is essential to know the linear relationship between temperature, & resistance.This linear relationship is shown as dR = …

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Types of level measurement

Describe the various types of level measurements. Level measurement of fluid is categorized into two groups 1. Direct Level Measurement 2. Indirect level measurement Let us discuss direct-level measurement in detail. Direct Method  It is also known as the Mechanical method. This method is considered a local indication method. Direct-level measurement is a simple & …

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