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Explore 100+ online instrumentation calculators, Excel tools, and third-party resources for precise engineering solutions, simplifying complex calculations across diverse industrial applications.

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Instrumentation Signal Calculators

These signal calculators simplify instrumentation tasks by seamlessly converting between process variables, 4-20mA signals, and 3-15 psi signals, ensuring precision and compatibility in diverse industrial applications.

1. PV to 4-20mA scaling calculator

2.4-20mA to PV scaling calculator

3.Calculator for 3-15 psi signal to 4- 20mA signal conversion

4.Calculator for 4- 20mA signal to 3-15 psi signal conversion

PLC Digital Signal Calculators

These PLC digital signal calculators streamline industrial automation by converting between 4-20mA signals, 1-5 Volt outputs, raw counts, and engineering units, enhancing precision and control system efficiency.

1.Calculator for 4-20mA Signal to 1- 5 Volt and PLC 16-bit Raw Count Values

2.Calculator/ Instrumentationtool for Raw Counts value to Engineering Units

3.Extended high and low limit calculator

4.Split Range Calculator – Control system

Level Measurement Calculators

Streamline level measurement processes with this comprehensive suite of calculators. From DP calculations for various tank configurations to interface and density measurements, optimize your instrumentation with precision and ease.

1.DP calculator for open tank level measurements

2.DP calculator for Zero suppression – open tank level measurement

3.DP calculator for Dry leg Level measurement – closed tank

4.DP calculator for Closed tank level measurement – Wet Leg system – Transmitter installed in zero based direct mount application

5.Closed tank level measurement – Wet Leg System – Transmitter installed in non-zero based remote mount application

6.DP calculator for Interface level measurement

7.Interface level calculator from Differential pressure (DP)

8.DP calculator for bubbler method Liquid Level measurement – Transmitter installed with single Bubble Tube

9.DP calculator for bubbler method Interface level measurement – Transmitter installed with Constant Tank Level and single Bubble Tube

10.DP calculator for Density measurement – Transmitter installed With Varying Tank Level and two Bubble Tubes

11.DP calculator for Interface level measurement – Transmitter installed with Varying Tank Level and two Bubble Tubes

12.DP calculator for Density measurement – transmitter installed With Constant Tank Level and single Bubble Tube

13.Displacer type interface level transmitter dry calibration weight calculator

14.Displacer type level transmitter dry calibration weight calculator

Flow Measurement Calculators

Enhance flow measurement accuracy with these calculators. Re-range DP flow transmitters, compute outputs, and determine flow velocities using the Pitot tube, ensuring optimal performance in diverse industrial applications.

1.DP Flow Transmitter Re-Ranging Calculator

2.Differential pressure Flow Transmitter Output Calculator

3.Pitot tube flow velocity calculator

Pressure Measurement Calculators

Optimize pressure measurement efficiency with this calculator, precisely computing pressure loss in instrument air lines for accurate industrial instrumentation.

1.Calculator for Pressure Loss in instrument Air line

Temperature Measurement Calculators

Maximize temperature measurement precision with RTD calculators. Convert resistance to process temperature and vice versa, ensuring accurate readings in diverse industrial applications.

1.RTD Calculator: Converting Measured Resistance to Process Temperature

2.RTD Calculator: Converting Process Temperature to measured Output Resistance

Weighing Measurement Calculators

Enhance weighing accuracy with this calculator, precisely determining load cell millivolt output for optimal measurements in industrial

1.Load cell millivolt (mV) output calculator

Displacement Measurement Calculators

Improve displacement measurements using this calculator, precisely computing LVDT output voltage for accurate industrial instrumentation in diverse applications.

1.Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) Output Voltage Calculator

Calibration Activity Calculators

Ensure calibration precision with this calculator, identifying and quantifying errors in instruments for accurate adjustments in calibration activities.

1.Calibration Error Calculator for Instruments

Process Measurement Calculators

Optimize efficiency with the Unloaded Steam Cost calculator for precise evaluation in process measurement, ensuring cost-effective operations in steam-related industrial processes.

1.Unloaded Steam Cost calculator

Excel Calculator – Instrumentation Tools

Access a suite of powerful Excel tools and applications for instrumentation professionals, from DP level and density calibration to PID loop simulation and unit conversion, ensuring precision in your work.

1.Excel Tool for DP Type Level and Density Transmitter Calibration Range Calculation

2.Excel Based PID Loop Simulator

3.Free PID Loop Simulation Tools

4.Split Range Calculator – Control System

5.Unit Conversion Tool for Instrumentation Engineer

6.Tool for Converting Instrumentation Standard Signals and Process Variables 

7.Android Application to Convert Instrumentation Standard Signals and Process Variables 

Third Party InstrumentationTools

Explore a diverse range of third-party instrumentation tools, from thermocouple and Pt100 calculators to flow and pressure sizing tools, ensuring precise measurements and efficient calculations across various industrial applications.

1.Thermocouple Voltage to Temperature Calculator

2.Pt100 Calculator

3.Thermocouple Table Voltage Calculator

4.Pt100 Table Generator

5.Field of View Calculator (Fov)  Accurate Apparent Temperature Calculation

6.Its-90 Reference Function Calculator

7.Gas Flow Calculator

8.Liquid Flow Calculator

9.Steam Flow Calculator

10.Flow Conversion Calculator

11.Multiphase Flow Calculator

12.DP Flow Sizing and Configuration Tool

13.Cv Calculator with Flow and Pressures  

14.Scfm(Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute ) Calculator with Cv and Pressures

15.Liquid Delta P Calculator

16.Liquid Flow Calculator

17.Liquid Cv Calculator

18.Cv Calculator for Valve Sizing

19.Power Module Life Estimator

20.Pressure Gauge Cost Savings Calculator

21.Wireless Smart Instrument Cast Saving Estimator

22.Smart Wireless Interface Capacity Estimator

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