Instrumentation Calculators

What is instrumentation calculators?

Features of Instrumentation calculator

The following is a list of some of the most important characteristics of an instrumentation calculator used in process field instruments:

Conversion of units:

 It is able to convert between several units of measurement, such as converting Celsius to Fahrenheit or psi to kPa, amongst other examples. This is significant because the process field equipment frequently utilizes varying units of measurement, and it is essential to translate back and forth between them in order to obtain correct data.

Instrument selection and sizing:

  It is able to assist in both the selection of the right instrument for a certain process as well as the calculation of the needed size of that instrument depending on the characteristics of the process. This is significant because it guarantees that the instrument will be able to measure the process parameter that it was designed to monitor properly.

Calibration calculations: 

It is capable of doing calculations pertaining to calibration, such as establishing the zero and span values for an instrument. It is essential to do this in order to guarantee that the instrument is calibrated properly and that it can produce reliable readings.

Signal Calculations: 

It is able to do calculations relating to the signals that are utilized by process field instruments, such as current, voltage, and resistance. It is essential to do this in order to guarantee that the instrument is correctly linked and is able to produce reliable results.

In general, an instrumentation calculator is an essential tool for engineers and technicians who operate in the field of process instrumentation. These individuals utilize these calculators in process field instruments. It may assist guarantee that measurements are precise and dependable, as well as facilitate the effective design and installation of process field instrumentation.

These are a few helpful instrumentation calculators that instrumentation engineers and technicians may utilize on the job.

PV to 4-20mA scaling calculator

4-20mA to PV scaling calculator

DP calculator for open tank level measurements

DP calculator for Zero suppression – open tank level measurement

DP calculator for Dry leg Level measurement – closed tank

DP calculator for Closed tank level measurement – Wet Leg system – Transmitter installed in zero based direct mount application

DP calcutaor for Closed tank level measurement – Wet Leg System – Transmitter installed in non-zero based remote mount application

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