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InstaConvert Update Released – Tool for Converting Instrumentation standard signals and Process Variables (Instrumentation Unit Converter)

Unit Conversion tool built by made for Instrumentation and Automation Engineers releases started rolling out updates.

The latest updates includes a calibration tool too.

Updates – 0.1.0

  • Removed Ads – Courtesy for users who sends feedback.
  • History – Option to save and view conversions done.
  • Calibration – x – y range to percentage
  • New UserInterface
  • Search for units

Send your feedback : forumautomation [at]

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instaconvert unit conversion tool for calibration %'s
Calibration range to 25%, 50%, 75%
Calibration Search for units Instacovert
Search for Units
instaconvert unit conversion log
Conversion History
InstaConvert - Settings

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