PLC Counter Instruction

Counters          Typical applications of counters include keeping track of the number of items going through a particular point and determining the number of times a particular activity is carried out. Preset counters          When the counted total of a preset counter matches the user-entered preset restrictions, the counter is able to regulate an external …

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Checklist to Carry out PLC Preventive Maintenance Activity

A preventive maintenance checklist is a group of tasks that the technician must complete to close a preventive maintenance work order. The purpose of a preventive maintenance checklist is to confirm for maintenance tasks are correctly done. The maintenance schedule of Programmable Logic Controllers depends upon the environment of the controllers. Frequent maintenance of the …

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What are the types of PLC?

PLC: A PLC, or programmable logic controller, is a rugged computer used in industrial automation. These controllers have the ability to automate a particular procedure, a machine feature, or even an entire manufacturing line. How does a PLC function? The PLC collects data from attached sensors or input devices, processes the information, and then initiates …

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What is Hot standby in PLC?

What is PLC? A PLC is a digitally operated device that would utilize programmable memory to store the instructions internally, by executing certain functions such as timing, counting, arithmetic, and logic sequencing. These functions are executed to control various kinds of machines or processes. So it can be used to control the equipment in an …

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