Analytical Instrumentation

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Conductivity Meter

Conductivity Measurement Principle

What is meant by Conductivity? How is conductivity measured? Units of Conductivity Conductivity Meter                   Cell constant x conductance = Conductivity. Note that the current source is changed to make the measured potential (V) and reference potential (Er) identical (about 200 mV apart). Conductivity Measurement principles Conductive principle          A cell having two metal or …

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Importance of an Intrinsically safe system 1

What is intrinsically safe system and what is its importance?

What is Intrinsic Safety? Intrinsic safety (IS) It is an idea of a shielding or safeguarding technique for the secure operation of electrical equipment located in hazardous areas by avoiding or reducing the source of available electrical and thermal energy to cause ignition. It is a low-energy signalling technique to prevent firing events by verifying …

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What is Megger?

Megger: A Megger is a firm that manufactures megohmmeters, a device used to measure insulators’ level of resistance. Because of the numerous industrial applications, it is a very significant instrument. It offers a very high DC voltage for the resistance measurement. It is a portable instrument that is also known as a megohmmeter. It can …

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What is Wattmeter?

A wattmeter is a device that measures the amount of electricity delivered to or generated by an electrical circuit. These instruments are frequently employed for the distribution and transmission of electric power, as well as for protection. A wattmeter typically consists of two coils: Current coil and Potential coil What is Current Coil? A coil, …

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What is Ammeter?

Ammeter: The term “ammeter” refers to an instrument or device used to measure current. The current is measured in amperes. As a result, this instrument is known as an ammeter or ampere metre and measures current flow in amperes. Although this device’s internal resistance is “0,” it still has some internal resistance. Depending on the …

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