Analytical Instrumentation

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What is Zero suppression & Zero Elevation?

Zero suppression & Zero elevation are values that correspond to the 4-20mA transmitter range for level measurement using Differential pressure transmitter (DPT). In signal conditioners, in particular, zero suppression and zero altitudes relate to a reduction (deletion) or angle (altitude) of the nominal “zero” yield so that it is not at zero volts (or milliamps). …

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Humidity measurement using the piezoelectric sensor

Principle of measuring humidity: The oscillation frequency of a quartz crystal coated with hygroscopic material is a very sensitive detector of the weight of absorbed water because very small changes in frequency can be measured. Working of Piezoelectric meter: Two quartz crystal oscillators are used, alternating between moist and dry gas, generally for 30 seconds …

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What is proactive maintenance?

Proactive maintenance is a preventive maintenance approach that operates to correct the root causes of error and to prevent breakdowns induced by the circumstances of the machinery. Proactive Maintenance, This type of treatment helps improve care through actions such as better design, workmanship, installation, scheduling, and maintenance procedures The characteristics of proactive maintenance include implementing …

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Electropneumatic converter – Construction, Working

Electro-pneumatic is a pneumatic control system where air pressure and direction of the valve are controlled by an electrical current. The electro-pneumatic converter is a device which provides an interface between the electronic and pneumatic systems either to convert current into a proportional air pressure or to convert current into a valve setting by controlling …

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pH measurement

What is pH? pH is a unit of measurement that describes the degree of acidity or alkali content of a solution. The pH unit is measured in terms of 0 to 14. The pH is formed from quantitative information expressed by the level of acidity or base associated with the activity of hydrogen ions. If …

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Photovoltaic Detectors

What is photovoltaic detectors? The photodetectors generate a voltage that is proportional to the incident EM radiation intensity. These devices are called photovoltaic cells due to their voltage generating characteristics. Actually, they convert EM energy into electrical energy. Applications are found both in EM radiation detectors and in energy sources that convert solar radiation into …

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