Top 6 free PLC Programming software

What is the use of the PLC programming tool?

  • PLC programming tool is used to develop control strategies.
  • PLC programming tool can be used to download the PLC application program to the PLC controller.
  • PLC Programming software can be used to perform Preventive maintenance
  • Hardware configuration can be set up using PLC programming software
  • Backup of PLC application can be taken using PLC software, this backup can be restored if the PLC program is corrupt or lost.
  • By using a PLC programming tool we can monitor the loaded program online

By using a PLC programming tool, we could learn how to create a PLC program to control certain processes or a machine. Most of the industrial process is carried out with the help of PLC, there is a programmable memory in the PLC in which we would store the program or the instructions that we have created for a particular process, we can create a PLC program with the help of this programming tool according to our need.

Free PLC programming software list

  1. WinProLadder PLC software
  2. I-TriLoGi
  3. WPLSoft
  4. Micro Ladder
  5. Open PLC editor
  6. Do- more Designer
Sl. NoPLC SoftwarePLC BrandOS supportedProgramming language supportedSupported simulationDownload link
1WinProladderFatek PLCWindowsLadder logicLadder program simulationDownload link
2I-TrilogiFMD, EZ wireWindowsLadder logicSimulation of the ladder programDownload link
3WPLSoftDelta PLCWindowsLadder logic, STL, and structured textSimulation not supportedDownload link
4MicroladderSiera PLCWindowsLadder logic and CLadder program simulationDownload link
5Open PLC editorOpen PLCLinux, windowsLadder logic, functional block diagram, structured text, sequential function chart, and instruction listsimulation not supportedDownload link
6Do-more designerDo-moreLinux and windowsLadder logicOffline simulator of ladder and PID controlDownload link

1 WinProLadder PLC software

This type of PLC programming software can be used with the Fatek PLC.  Winproladder is a beginner-friendly PLC programming software. We can do many projects by using this software. In this software there is an option for simulation, so we can create the program and run it without using the PLC. This software can be operated in windows and we can use the ladder programming language to create the program. This software is capable to edit the program online. By using this software we would be able to monitor the status of multiple pages.

2 I-TriLoGi

This is a free PLC simulator software for windows, by using this software we can simulate the PLC program in real-time. With this software, we can determine if the created program works properly or not. This software would help us to learn and create a ladder logic program. By clicking the rung we would get a pair of ladder logic instructions. This software is capable to run a program without connecting to a PLC. This software is composed of simple addressing modes and so it is user-friendly. We can use the paid version of this PLC program software with the FMD and EZ wire PLCs.

3 WPLSoft

This PLC programming software was developed by delta electronics and it can be installed and operated in windows. This type of software can only be used with the delta PLC’s, with the help of this software we can do many industrial automation processes. The ladder programming language is used to create PLC programs in this software. The major feature of this software is that it has a built-in PLC simulator and by using this we can check our PLC program in real-time. This software also has a program comparison feature. We can create PLC programs in this software by using three PLC programming languages such as STL, ladder logic, and sequential text.

4 Micro Ladder

Microladder is another free PLC software for windows and this PLC programming software is used with the Siera PLC’s. So we won’t able to use this software with other PLCs except for the Siera, we can create a ladder logic program by using this software. The major feature of this software is that it consists of many digital and analog I/O instructions. We can create programs by using two programming languages and they are ladder logic and C. This software utilizes Modbus communication and also we can load and save programs in this software.

5. Open PLC editor

This is another free PLC programming software for windows. The major feature of this software is that we can create a program by using any of the five PLC programming languages such as ladder logic, functional block diagram, sequential function chart, instruction list, and structured text. This PLC programming software consists of all the programming functions, and this software has a built-in simulator too.

6. Do- more Designer

This is a free PLC programming software with a friendly user interface we can only use ladder logic programming software for this software. This software consists of a built-in simulator and by using this we can test our program. We can utilize any web browser to determine the PLC status. We can use this software with windows, the major feature of this software is that it has many supporting tools while we install this on our PC. These supporting tools will be useful to create programs and also for better communication.


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