Manifold valve mounting techniques


There are two ways to mount a 3-way manifold valve mounting techniques:

1] The pipe mounting type 

2] The direct-mounting type

in this session we are going to discuss about Manifold valve mounting techniques

Pipe-Mounting Type 3-Valve Manifold

1) Screw nipples into the connection ports on the transmitter side of the 3-valve manifold, and into the impulse piping connecting ports on the process connectors. (To maintain proper sealing, wind sealing tape around the nipple threads.)

2) Mount the 3-valve manifold on the 50 mm (2-inch) pipe by fastening a U-bolt to its mounting bracket. Tighten the U-bolt nuts only lightly at this time.

3) Install the pipe assemblies between the 3-valve manifold and the process connectors and lightly tighten the ball head lock nuts. (The ball-shaped ends of the pipes must be handled carefully, since they will not seal properly if the ball surface is scratched or otherwise damaged.)

4) Now tighten the nuts and bolts securely in the following sequence: Process connector bolts → transmitter-end ball head lock nuts → 3-valve manifold ball head lock nuts → 3-valve manifold mounting bracket U-bolt nuts


Direct-Mounting Type 3-Valve Manifold

1) Mount the 3-valve manifold on the transmitter. (When mounting, use the two gaskets and the four bolts provided with the 3-valve manifold. Tighten the bolts evenly.)

2) Mount the process connectors and gaskets on the top of the 3-valve manifold (the side on which the impulse piping will be connected).

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