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What is a deluge valve and what is the need for a deluge system?

What is a deluge system and why is it used?

A deluge system is used as a protection system in high hazardous areas that could have hazardous fuel. So a deluge system would provide a large number of open sprayers into action simultaneously, in case of any fire. A deluge system can detect the fire with the help of a sprinkler detection line and this would be permanently charged by air. A deluge system can be considered as a pre-action system and the only difference is that the sprinkler heads are open and the pipe is not pressurized with air in a deluge system.

How does a deluge system work?

A deluge system is connected to the water supply by using a deluge valve and the opening of this valve will be done by the detection system. The detection system is located near the sprinklers. So if the detection system triggers then it would open the deluge valve, thus water will enter the system’s piping and thus the sprinklers would discharge the water. The major purpose of a deluge system is to wet down the area in case of any fire.

What is a deluge valve?

A deluge valve is a system control valve and it is used in a deluge system. This valve would allow the required amount of water to the system’s pipeline during the requirement. A deluge valve is a part of the fire protection system and it would allow the water to flow to the area in case of any fire hazard and by this fire, hazards can be avoided. The deluge valve would allow the flow of pressurized water through a system of piping and open nozzles. There won’t be any water in the system’s piping till the activation of the deluge valve. This type of valve is a quick-release hydraulic operated diaphragm actuated type of valve.

How to select a deluge valve?

  • It must be selected according to the size of the deluge valve       
  • The flow rate of the valve must be considered
  • The valve should be selected in a way that it must handle the system water supply pressure
  • The valve must be selected according to the size of the detection system
  • We should select this valve based on the type of fire risk that could happen in the system
  • It must be selected according to the working temperature and pressure
  • We must also consider the mounting position

How to model a deluge system?

  • It must be designed to reduce the imbalance of the flow
  • We must select the proper pipe size
  • We should able to access the impact of low pressure and high pressure at the inlet of the deluge system.

How does a deluge valve works?

A deluge valve system consists of a control valve, a sprinkler-operated detection system, and also a water supply system. The deluge valve has three chambers and they are all isolated from each other. So if the fire is detected then the top chamber is vented to the atmosphere through the outlet port and thus the top chamber pressure reaches half than the supply system pressure and the upward force lifts the clapper and thus the water will enter into the system.

Operating modes of deluge valve

Auto mode

This type is used in case of fire is because of the rupture of quartzoid bulb on the detection line and the air pressure will be decreased and due to this, the top chamber pressure will be reduced. So in this situation, the upward force of the supply pressure lifts the clapper and thus allows water into the system piping.


In the detection line, there will be a solenoid valve, the detection lines are placed parallel to the water spray line throughout the area of protection. The air pressure can be released by operating the solenoid from the concerned control room.

Manual operation

In this type the operation is done manually from the field by opening the valve which is in the emergency release box.

How to install a deluge valve?

The deluge valve must be located in a visible and accessible location, the deluge valve and its associated trim must be maintained at minimum temperature. The control valve must be installed hand in hand on both the water supply side and on the system side to facilitate regulation test and maintenance. The pipeline should be cleaned in order to remove mud if it is present so that the rest ball valve can be protected before installation. The deluge valve can be installed horizontally or vertically but the magnetic core of the solenoid valve must be kept vertical with its installation method. A filter valve should be installed before the inlet of the valve to avoid waste and also a check valve should be installed before the inlet to avoid the wrong actions.

What are the applications of deluge valve or deluge system?

  • It is used in loading and unloading gantries
  • Critical process areas
  • Storage spheres and bullets
  • It is used to protect transformers through a high-velocity water system
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Oil refineries
  • Chemical plants


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