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Solenoid Valve Functional Testing

Here we look at, how functional test is done for solenoid valve using instrument air.

Solenoid Valve Testing:

  • Air supply is connected to the Air Filter Regulator (AFR).
  • Set the stress required in the AFR and link the AFR outlet to the Solenoid valve.
  • Connect outlet of Solenoid Valve to a Ball valve.
  • Connect a pressure gauge at the Solenoid Valve outlet.
  • The aim of Test Gauge is to verify the inlet line stress depends on SOV energy.
  • Ball valve used to stop the functional testing

Typical Solenoid valve Test Set-up:

  • Check the nameplate for the manufacturer/instrument datasheet. Confirm the voltage / current scores of the solenoid valve (consider + 24V DC device in our instance)
  • Check the solenoid valve port configuration.
  • Hook-up tool according to the typical sample configuration.
  • Apply air-specified valve port stress and link 24VDC to valve terminals with solenoid.
  • Switch on the 24VDC energy supply, inspect the energy valve by controlling the stress of the sample gage (increasing pressure).
  • Turn off the supply. Confirm the de energized valve, inspect the value of the sample gage again (Diminishing stress)
  • Tabulate all result in Check Sheet.


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