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Annubar flowmeter operation

Annubars are sometimes called average pilots and contain multiple pressure taps to “average” the flow; this is to try to compensate for a non-ideal flow profile. The averaged pitot tube is inserted through the pipe as shown below. One side of the bar has pressure taps facing the flowing fluid and engaging in an “average” …

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Coriolis mass flowmeter basics

Coriolis flowmeters are mass flowmeters, which measure the mass of fluid passing through a pipeline unlike the other volumetric flow meters, which measures the volume of the fluid passing through the pipeline. Coriolis mass flowmeter provides direct, in-line and accurate mass flow measurements that are independent of temperature, pressure, viscosity and density. Mass flow, density and …

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Flow measurement using SONAR

Introduction Sonar flow technology is a new member to the industrial flow meters.sonar flow measurement principles is distinct from all conventional flow meter technologies. SONAR flow meters utilize sonar-based array processing techniques to listen to, and interpret pressure fields generated by turbulent pipe flows.   How Sonar Flow Meters Work The first method is to …

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Thermal mass flowmeter

What are Mass flowmeters? A Mass flowmeter measures the amount of fluid pass through the pipe. Mass flow measurement gives a more accurate account of fluids and is not affected by density, pressure and temperature (unlike volumetric measurements). Although most meters can infer mass flow rate from volumetric flow measurements, there are a number of …

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Basics of Differential Flow Meter

How Differential Flow Meter Works? The differential flow meter is the most common device for measuring fluid flow through pipes. Flow rate and pressure differential of fluids such as gases,vapors and liquids are explored using the orifice plate flow meter. The differential flow meter venuri tube,flow nozzle or orifice plate is an inline instrument,that is …

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Installation of sensor

Importance of Sensor Selection and Placement in Instrumentation

Sensor          A sensor is a device that reacts electrically to stimulus it receives. A device that yields a useful output in response to a designated input is defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Selection of Sensor in instrumentation List of Factors for Choosing a Sensor Environmental Factors Economic Factors Sensor Characteristics 1. …

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