7-Best PLC simulator apps for android and their features


A PLC or programmable logic controller can be considered as a digital computer, it uses a programmable memory for the storage of instructions. So that it would be able to do certain functions such as sequencing, timing, logic, and many more in an electromechanical device. PLC’s are widely used for industrial automation. In order to execute the functions, a PLC must be programmed. A PLC program is a set of instructions and this program will be created by a person according to the need. So according to the program instructions the PLC would do the desired function.

  1. PLC Ladder simulator

This app can be used to learn PLC programming and to improve our programming skills too. By using this app we could get a free simulator for PLC, ladder logic, ladder circuit, and ladder diagram. By using this app we can learn about PLC ladder diagram, ladder programming, PLC programming ladder logic, PLC diagram, electrical ladder diagram, ladder logic simulator, ladder logic programming, ladder logic diagram, Arduino PLC ladder, Allen Bradley ladder logic and lot more.

This app supports

  • Simulation for ladder logic
  • Simulation of inputs and outputs
  • Simulation of PLC timers and counters
  • Simulation of PLC internal flags/memory

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2. PLC tutorial

This application would be very helpful for the beginners, by using this app you could create a ladder logic diagram and also create a CX program. This app is created in a way that everyone can understand, so it is a beginner-friendly app. This app would be very useful for students and engineers. This app would be useful for interviews and for exams too.

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3. XGT PLC mobile

By using this app we could check the status of the PLC by using android smartphone or a tablet. By using this app we could check the input and output modules of the CPU and the status of the communication module installed in the PLC. We can do data monitoring by this device, it can show the current value in the PLC memory. It would also show the error warning, it would show the current and stored error warning. By using this app we can send a binary file that is generated by XG5000 to the PLC and this is only applicable when the PLC is connected via USB.

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4. PLC meter

This app is very useful for automation engineers. By using this app we would be able to automatically calibrate the analog and digital values inside the PLC and SCADA system. This app is really flexible and we can update our scales or any values and the app will scale in proportion to the other values. This would allow us to use maximum, minimum negative, and decimal values.

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5. PLC Guide

This app will be very useful for programmers and this app is constantly updated. It’s a beginner-friendly app. We would be able to learn the basics of PLC programming by using this app. There are many simulative examples in this app and these examples would show how the PLC would work. So this app would be very useful for the students and engineers and it will be really helpful for the beginners.

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6. Industrial automation

This application is very suitable for people who need to learn about PLC, DCS, SCADA, networking, and electrical. By using this application you would be able to do the PLC ladder programming. By using this app we could learn the basics of PLC and SCADA.

How to choose the PLC OR SCADA for our application, and how to do the PLC wiring and we could also learn about the PLC and DCS protocol by using this app.

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7. Macro PLC ladder simulator

This app will be very useful for the PLC programmers it has programming simulators with many features like counters, timers, and comparators, etc. This app would support ladder logic simulation, real-time execution, simulated inputs and outputs, timers, counters, internal flags, comparators, and edge detectors.

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