Troubleshooting of a transmitter

Introduction In this session we are gonna discuss about troubleshooting of a transmitter.we are gonna look into some common problems and their solutions . What are the troubleshooting when Transmitter milliamp reading is zero Verify power is applied to signal terminals Check power wires for reversed polarity Verify terminal voltage is 10.5 to 42.4 V …

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Difference between 2 wire & 4 wire transmitter current loops

The current loop uses DC power because the magnitude of the current represents the signal level that is being transmitted. If AC power was instead used in the loop, the magnitude of current would be continuously changing, making it difficult to discern the signal level being transmitted.In this session we are gonna discuss about Difference between …

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Impulse Piping Installation Precautions

Impulse Piping Installation Precautions The impulse piping that connects the process outputs to the transmitter must convey the process pressure accurately. If, for example, gas collects in a liquid filled impulse piping, or the drain of a gas-filled impulse piping becomes plugged, the impulse piping will not convey the pressure accurately. Since this will cause …

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