Impulse Piping Installation Precautions

Impulse Piping Installation Precautions

The impulse piping that connects the process outputs to the transmitter must convey the process pressure accurately. If, for example, gas collects in a liquid filled impulse piping, or the drain of a gas-filled impulse piping becomes plugged, the impulse piping will not convey the pressure accurately. Since this will cause errors in the measurement output, select the proper piping method for the process fluid (gas, liquid, or steam).In this session we are gonna discuss about Impulse Piping Installation

 Connecting Impulse Piping to the Transmitter

(1) Check the High and Low Pressure Connections on the Transmitter 

Symbols “H” and “L” are shown on a capsule assembly to indicate high and low pressure side. Connect the impulse piping to the “H” side, and the low impulse piping to the “L” side.

(2) Changing the Process Connector Piping Connections 

The impulse piping connection distances can be changed between 51 mm, 54 mm and 57 mm by changing the orientation of the process connectors. This is convenient for aligning the impulse piping with the process connectors when connecting the piping.

(3) Tightening the Process Connector Mounting Bolts

After connecting the piping, tighten the process connector mounting bolts uniformly.

(4) Connecting the Transmitter and 3-Valve Manifold

A 3-valve manifold consists of two stop valves to block process pressure and an equalizing valve to equalize the pressures on the high and low pressure sides of the transmitter. Such a manifold makes it easier to disconnect the transmitter from the impulse piping, and is convenient when adjusting the transmitter zero point.

There are two types of 3-valve manifold mounting techniques:

1] The pipe mounting type.

2] The direct-mounting type.

care should be taken with respect to the following points when connecting the manifold to the transmitter

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