Hydraulically Controlled On-Off Deluge Valve


The Hydraulically Controlled On-Off Deluge Valve is an elastomeric, hydraulic pressure operated deluge valve, designed specifically for advanced fire protection systems and the latest industry standards. The Hydraulically Controlled On-Off Deluge Valve is activated by a hydraulic relay valve, by which opening and closing of the valve can be controlled remotely. The Hydraulically Controlled On-Off Deluge Valve is suited to systems with remote release wet pilot lines. The optional valve position indicator can include a limit switch suitable for Fire & Gas monitoring systems.

Working Principle


The Hydraulically Controlled On-Off Deluge Valve is held closed by water pressure in the control chamber [1]. Upon release of pressure from the control chamber, the valve opens.
Under NORMAL conditions, water pressure is supplied to the control chamber via the priming line [2] restriction
orifice [5] and strainer [3], and is then trapped in the control chamber by a check valve [4], manual emergency release [6], and a relay valve (HRV) [7] that is held closed by hydraulic pilot line pressure [E]. The water pressure trapped in the main valve control chamber holds the diaphragm against the valve seat, sealing it drip-tight and keeping the system dry pipes. Under FIRE conditions, water pressure is released from the control chamber, either with the manual emergency release, or by the HRV opening in response to a decrease in hydraulic line pressure [E]. This opens the deluge valve, allowing water to flow into the piping system


Typical Applications

  •  Remote or elevated wet pilot lines
  •  Remote control water spray systems
  •  Flammable material storage
  • Power plants and transformers
  •  Petrochemical facilities

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