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Level Control Valve with Horizontal Float


Level Control Valve with Modulating Horizontal Float is a hydraulically controlled, diaphragm actuated, control valve that controls reservoir filling to maintain constant water level, regardless of fluctuating demand.


Working operation


This float-controlled valve is equipped with a 2-way horizontal floating pilot assembly.
The needle valve [1] allows continuous flow from the valve inlet to the control chamber [2]. The float [3] is
attached to the floating pilot arm [4]. The location of the float assembly and the position of the float determine
the level configuration.

When the level rises to the configuration, the floating pilot [5] accelerates, the pressure in the control chamber
it builds up causing the main valve to accelerate, reducing the filling rate and, finally, closing the hermetic seal

When the level drops, the float pilot releases pressure from the control chamber and makes the main valve
modular open The needle valve [1] can be adjusted to control the closing speed of the main valve
The cock valve [6] allows manual closing.



Rooftop Reservoirs

Rooftop reservoir level control is attained by electric control of the basement pumps according to reservoir level. As overflow of a rooftop reservoir can cause costly damage, hydraulic back-up protection is recommended. Where system design requires an “always full” rooftop reservoir.


Level Control Valve:
■ Modulates open immediately when level starts dropping
■ Closes securely to prevent overflow

Secured closing, even after long periods of the valve being open, is ensured by the fully developed hydraulic closing force applied over the peripherally and fully supported, single piece, balanced rolling-diaphragm, vulcanized with a rugged radial seal disk

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