Tube fitting Installation procedure


In this session we are gonna discuss about the Tube fitting Installation procedure

1. Cut the tube with a perpendicular cut (90 degrees) – a tube cutter is recommended.
• Ensure that the tube cutter is in good condition before starting (ensure that the cutting wheel is sharp).
• Do not over tighten, since this can result in an oval tube (which will not correctly fit into the fitting).
• Two turns with the cutter, followed by an approx. 1/8 turn of the handle

2. Both the ID and OD of tubes shall be deburred after cutting.

• blow through the tube as a final cleaning with compressed air.
• shavings that are left behind can cause turbulence and possibly leaks in sensitive downstream equipment

3. Install all the components of the compression fitting on the tube. Check that all components are present and properly aligned before assembly.

4. Insert the tube into the compression fitting. Make sure that the tube rests firmly on the shoulder of the fitting.

• use the fitting manufacturer’s depth marking tool, and a pen/ pencil to mark the tube at the top of the tool.

5. Tighten the nut until the tubing cannot be rotated.

6. Mark the nut and body with vertical lines directly above each other with a felt pen.

7. Hold the body still and tight it

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