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Top 20 Industrial engineering interview questions & Answers

1. What are basic process variables?

2. What are the primary elements used for flow measurement?

3. What are the different components used in indusrial automation?

  • Sensors for sensing the input parameters (RTD, Thermocouple, Pressure, Flow, Leve; etc)
  • Transmitters for transmitting the raw signal in electrical form
  • Control system which includes PLC, DCS & PID controllers
  • Output devices / actuators like drives, control valves.

4. What are the different types of control systems used in Industries?

  • PID Controller based control system
  • PLC based control system
  • DCS based Control system
  • PC Based automation system

5. What is Control Valves ?

The control valve is referred to as the final control component, includes a pneumatic device which transforms the control signal from the controller into action and regulates the flow.

6. What type of control valves used in the industry ?

  • ON – OFF SERVICES :– Gate, Ball, Diaphragm, Plug, Butterfly valves
  • THROTTLING SERVICES :– Globe, Butterfly, Diaphragm, Pinch valves.
  • NON – REVERSE FLOW :– Check valves.

7. What types of sensors are used for measuring different parameters?

8. How to check flow meter if the flow indication is suspected high?

  1. The transmitter flushes first. Flush both of the lines of impulse. If needed, adjust the zero by equalizing. If the indication is still more than that.
  2. Check L.P. side for choke. If that is clean then.
  3. Check the leaks on L.P. side. If not.
  4. Calibrate the transmitter.

9. What is transmitter?

A transmitter is an electronic device that is generally mounted in the field in close proximity to a sensor.

The transmitter’s fundamental role is to provide the right electrical power to turn the sensor on (or excite), then read the low-level sensor signal, amplify it to a higher-level electrical signal, and send it to a control or read-out unit for a lengthy range signal.

10. What is a “Smart” Transmitter?

A “Smart” transmitter is a transmitter used as the core of electronics by a microprocessor. Further more, a “Smart” transmitter will output some sort of remote digital communications that allow you to read and set up the machine from a distant place.

11. What is a plant layout?

A proper layout is needed for a process to operate smoothly. Low handling costs and small throughput time should be the primary objective of a plant design. There are two kinds of design of plants.

  • Product or straight-line layouts: This includes minimizing the flow from one operation to the next for any product class as a machine.
  • Process, or functional agreements: Similar installations are grouped together.

12. What is process planning? Mention different type of processes.

Process planning involves choosing the best process to be used in the most advantageous manner, choosing the particular tricks, fixtures, etc. to be used, and specifying the location points of the unique instruments and the speeds, feeds and cutting depths to be used.

The two distinct process kinds are listed below:

  • Basic Processes: The first processes used in the sequence that leads to the finished design.
  • Secondary Processes: operations that are required to transform the general form created by the basic process to product specifications.

13. What is total quality control?

Total quality control’s primary goal is to deliver defect-free products in 100 percent of the moment to satisfy the customer’s full requirements.

It includes all participants in an organisation that can influence production quality–a product or service. ISO 9000 is a global quality standard, a scheme of quality assurance

14. What is Industrial engineering?

Industrial Engineering is a manufacturing system design engineering.

An Industrial Engineer analyzes and designs the entire system to incorporate individuals, machines and equipment elements in order to create efficient and effective systems that generate products and useful services for humanity.

15. How to identify the Orifice in a pipeline?

Orifice plate stretches out of line providing an indication of the orifice plate, is welded an orifice tab.

16. What is the difference between productivity and productive system?

Productivity can be defined as the measure of the amount of input required to produce a given output, or it can also be defined as the output-to-input ratio

While the production system can be explained as a system in which a few inputs are given to obtain the required output through certain processes of transformation.

17. Difference between 2 wire, 3 wire and 4 wire transmitter:

  • The energy and signal are transferred via the same cable in 2 wire transmitters.
  • The information signal and energy are prevalent ground in 3 wire transmitters.
  • Two wires for energy supply in 4 wire transmitters and two cables for signals

18. Explain Working of RTDs

Temperature resistance device operates on the principles that change the material resistance as it changes temperature. Temperature is determined by evaluating resistance and then using the characteristic RTD Resistance vs Temp for temperature detection.

19. How do you do a check on a DP transmitter?

Close either the H.P valve. Or maybe L.P. Open the valve for the equalization. The O / P is supposed to read zero.

20. What is Fixed bearing & Float bearing?

Typically in bearing arrangement support, shaft is supported and positioned by two bearings. One is fixed bearing or locating bearing, the other one is floating bearing.

The fixed bearing offers the shaft’s assistance and axial position relative to the housing.

The floating bearing offers assistance and accommodates axial displacements that happen when the heat expansion of the shaft changes the distance between the two bearings relative to the homes.


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