SCADA communication protocol

What is Ethernet IP Protocol?

1. What is Ethernet Protocol? Ethernet/IP is basically an application layer protocol and is a flexible best-in-class Ethernet network. It is a simple way of arranging data inside a TCP/IP packet. On Ethernet/IP network, data is known as attributes and is represented by values. They are grouped altogether to create objects. 2. How Ethernet/IP protocol …

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What is DNP3 Protocol?

The DNP3 or distributed network protocol is a communication protocol that is used to do the communication between the industrial devices. It is utilized to monitor several industrial data, DNP3 protocol is widely used in the SCADA network. This protocol is widely utilized by several electric and water utilities. It can do critical remote communication …

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Best 12 free SCADA software

What is the purpose of SCADA in an industrial process? Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is software that can be used to control the industrial process. SCADA can monitor a plant or equipment in industries such as oil and gas, chemical plants, etc. So SCADA is software that is used to monitor the industrial …

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