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Procedure to remove Capsule Assembly from pressure transmitter


One of the pressure detectors used in the pressure transmitters are capsules .Due to the continuous working there is a chance for damaging the capsule.This section describes the procedures for cleaning and replacing the capsule assembly.

Removing the Capsule Assembly

1) Remove the CPU assembly as shown in figure.

2) Remove the two setscrews that connect the transmitter section and pressure-detector section.

3) Remove the hexagon-head screw and the stopper.

4) Separate the transmitter section and pressure detector section.

5) Remove the nuts from the four flange bolts.

6) While supporting the capsule assembly with one hand, remove the cover flange.

7) Remove the capsule .

8) Clean the capsule or replace with a new one.


 Reassembling the Capsule Assembly

1) Insert the capsule assembly between the flange bolts, paying close attention to the relative positions of the H (high pressure side) and L (low pressure side) marks on the capsule assembly. Replace the two capsule gaskets with new gaskets.

2) Install the cover flange on the high pressure side, and use a torque wrench to tighten the four nuts uniformly to a torque shown below.

3) After the pressure-detector section has been reassembled, a leak test must be performed to verify that there are no pressure leaks.

4) Reattach the transmitter section to the pressure-detector section. Reattach the stopper with the hexagon-head

5) Tighten the two setscrews. (Tighten the screws to a torque of 1.5 N·m)

6) Install the CPU assembly according to the figure

7) After completing reassembly, adjust the zero point and recheck the parameters

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