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Plugged Impulse Line Detection

Introduction Pressure transmitters are used in pressure, level, and flow measurement applications. Regardless of application, the transmitter is rarely connected directly to the pipe or vessel. Small diameter tubes or pipes commonly called impulse lines are used to transmit the pressure signal from the process to the transmitter. In some applications, these impulse lines can …

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Instrumentation interview questions

What is Process control? A process control is continuous changing of a process variable to desire variable according to the measured feedback variable from the process. A Process control system always aim to achieve a process variable at the desired quantity, so that the system is said to be in controlled What is transmitter? A transmitter is …

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INTRODUCTION There are smart and conventional instruments and the calibration procedure of these types of instruments are entirely different in this session we are going to discuss about the difference between calibration of a HART &conventional instrument CALIBRATING A CONVENTIONAL INSTRUMENT For a conventional 4-20 mA instrument, a multiple point test that stimulates the input and …


Types of Signal Transmission

Introduction The secondary electronics of a transmitter amplify and condition the weak electrical signals generated by the sensor, so that the signals can be sent over long distances without being degraded by noise, and thus the signals can be used to control devices such as indicators, recorders and controllers. Transmitters use various techniques to transmit …

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How to calibrate RTD transmitter

RTD transmitter Calibrating In industries temperature is a major physical quantity that has to be monitored and controlled.In this session we are discussing about calibration of RTD transmitter. Both RTDs and thermocouples are used for process temperature measurements. Equipments needed Transmitter 24VDC supply Decade box(resistance) Multimeter Theory RTD has no polarity There are different kinds …

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