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Paddle level switch Working

The paddle type level switch is used for the detection of dust level or litter material in silo, hoppar, etc. The rotating vane is continuously rotated by a motor. When this pallet comes into contact with the material, more force than the rotating torque will be applied to the pallet and rotation will stop. The level switch detects rotation, stops and sends the contact.

Working Principle:


The principle is based on the moment of resistance change of a rotating vane in the air or in a medium. The electric rotation and slow rotation blade (frequency = 1 Hz) is at the level of the selected limit. The ascending product slows the rotation, the hinged transmission system changes its position and triggers a microswitch. As the level drops, the inverter returns to its original position by spring force and the microswitch restarts the motor.


  • Automatic rotation monitoring
  • Fault recognition without disassembling the instrument.
  • Easy installation
  • Robust plastic housing with transparent cover.
  • Deck security device
  • Density adjustment without tools


  • Used to detect lumps
  • Paddle point level switch is used as a complete, empty and requirement alarm in silos with bulk solids.


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