Essential Networking skills required for an Instrument engineer.


IP address (Internet protocol) is unique address to identify a device in a network. IP address is made up of 32 bits and it is divided in to two parts with the help of subnet mask.
Network ID and Host ID.

8 bit

8 bit

8 bit



IP Classes. Class A, Class B, Class C

What is the use of IP address in instrumentation?

Nowadays some of the instrument manufactures are using Ethernet as a communication protocol. Eg: BentlyNevada vibration monitoring system. For co

How to set IP address?
mmunicating with such field instruments or field device you need to set ip address of your computer with same class.

Windows 7.

Control panel>Network and Internet>Network and sharing center.

Double click on the local area connection.

Go to properties.

Double click on “Internet protocol version 4”

Set the IP address and subnet mask.

set ip address- instruments

How to check whether the connection is established with field device or not?


Type – ping “IP address of the device”
Eg: ping

If the device is replying, communication is established. Otherwise you have to go for further trouble shooting.
ping field instruments
Two types of cables are used for establishing Ethernet communication.
1. Cross cable –
2. 2.Straight cable.

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