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Control valve Cv to Kv Conversion Calculator

Control valve Cv to Kv Conversion Calculator
  • The Cv to Kv Converter Calculator simplifies the conversion of flow capacity values between Cv and Kv, crucial in control valve applications.
  • One of the key characteristics of a valve’s performance is the Valve Flow Coefficient, commonly referred to as Cv (or Kv in the metric world). 
  • This tool serves engineers, technicians, and professionals by facilitating the translation of flow capacities between different measurement standards, such as those used in the United States (Cv) and Europe (Kv).

The below calculator is used to calculate the flow capacity values from  Kv to Cv for control valve applications.

  • Control Valve CV (Flow Coefficient): CV represents the flow rate of water in US gallons per minute (GPM) that will pass through a valve with a specific opening, given a pressure drop of 1 pound per square inch (psi) across the valve, at a standard temperature of 60°F.
  • Control Valve KV (Valve Flow Coefficient): Kv denotes the flow rate of water in cubic meters per hour (m³/hr) with a temperature range of 5 to 30°C and a pressure drop of 1 bar across the valve.

Kv = 0.864 Cv

Let’s demonstrate the usage of this calculator with a different example:

Given a Cv value of 15 m³/h per bar:



Thus, a Cv value of 15 m³/h with pressure drop of 1 bar corresponds to a Kv value of approximately 12.96 US GPM with pressure drop of 1 psi.

  • Efficiency: Provides a quick and efficient method to convert flow capacity values between KV and CV.
  • Accuracy: Ensures precise conversion based on the established conversion factor.
  • Convenience: Eliminates the need for manual calculations, saving time and minimizing the risk of errors.
  • Versatility: Applicable across various industries and applications where control valves are utilized, including HVAC systems, process control, and fluid dynamics.
  • Education and Training: Serves as a valuable resource for learning and training purposes, aiding in understanding the relationship between different flow capacity standards.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with international standards, facilitating communication and collaboration between professionals globally.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Facilitates documentation and reporting processes by providing standardized conversion results for record-keeping and analysis.

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