What is Predictive maintenance (Pdm)?

What is Predictive maintenance?

Predictive maintenance, or also called as Condition Based Maintenance, is a process of combine all diagnostic data and performance, historical maintenance, operating and design data to make decisions about when to take care of major / critical equipment

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is a process that requires technology and expertise of people who combine all available diagnostic and performance data, historical maintenance, operating data and design to make decisions when maintenance actions must be taken on the major / critical equipment.

The success of PdM activities is influenced by two things: technology and people’s expertise. Many consider that by purchasing PdM technology equipment such as vibration, tribology, etc., people have already implemented the PdM program. But it is not

Predictive maintenance analysis mainly do three factors: Vibration analysis, Tribology analysis, Thermal analysis.


Vibration measure shows whether the instrument or machines are in good condition or not. If the vibration measure exceeds the threshold limit, that means the machine is in trouble and need to be maintened. Causes of Vibration:

  • Torque from the drive
  • Reaction force due to the load
  • Additional force due to unbalance, misalignment

Tribology analysis:

It is science and technology related to the interaction of surface surfaces in relative motion including friction, wear and release of material from the surface.

Lubrication Is a process to reduce friction by using materials to improve the smoothness of movement from one surface to another surface.

Thermal analysis:

Temperature level of the machines are measured periodically, if it excesseds the allowable limit.

Temperature level is measured by spectrometric analysis, pyrometry or other options.


  • Terduga Unexpected machine damage (downtime) can be reduced.
  • Components are only ordered when needed so that stockpiling of components can be further reduced.
  • Care actions can be planned.


  • High costs in preparing instrument equipment and experts.
  • There is no certainty whether the engine life can be longer


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