What are Motor Control Centers (MCC)? Types of MCCs

What is Motor Control Center(MCC)?

Motor control centre (MCC) is the centre of controlling the operation of an electric motor, as the centre of control must be able to control the motor operation.

What is meant by the motor control center (MCC) is a collection of several components to control the motors with various types of starters with the starter DOL (direct on line) starter, SDS (star delta starter) etc. busbars and control equipment that all function to control the operation of the electric motor and place these components in an integrated panel.

Types of Motor Control Centers (MCC):

The motor control center (MCC) in terms of the voltage supplied and based on the type of motor operation can be divided as follows:

1. Based on the voltage supplied:

  • Motorbike control center (MCC) is low, the maximum voltage supplied is 600V.
  • Medium voltage motor control center (MCC), the maximum voltage supplied is 7.2kV.

2. Based on the type of operation:

Combination starter motor :

In the process of controlling the motor this type is supported by several main equipment, namely molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) or motor circuit protector (MCP), magnetic contactor, over interference safety relay (relay overload), control transformer.

Manual operation:

This type is generally used to control a motor that has a maximum horsepower or HP of 10HP. The manual operation of the starter is only a manually operated on-off sakar where the tool also functions as a safety device for overload interference

The advantage of this type is when the voltage source is lost because the switch is still on so that when the source voltage returns to normal the motor will return works automatically

Adjustable speed controller:

There are several types of motors whose applications require changes in rotational speed in serving loads, this system allows the motor operating speed to change according to the wishes of the motor operation process by changing the voltage frequency on the motor.

3. Based on module division:

Fixed type:

This motor control center (MCC) module is a place where the component stater is like MCCB, contactor, Thermal overload and others are integrated with the frame.

Semi draw out type:

This type is better than the fixed type because for the voltage source section to the busbar it can be separated from the plugin system so that if there is interference or damage to one module, the module can be removed and not interfere with the other systems.

Fully draw out type:

This type is the most reliable compared to the other types because all components in the module can be completely removed, so that if there is a component that is damaged or damaged it can remove the module and can be repaired outside the panel without disturbing the operation of the other modules.

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