Level Measurement

level measurement using Pressure gauge


A simple pressure gauge can be used for level measurement if its scale is properly calibrated for the actual level, inside the tank or vessel

We are considering open tank


Consider for instance the tank is 1000mm height & is filled with water of specific gravity 1.00 as shown in fig below



Now we will install the pressure gauge on the bottom of the tank .here the tank is 1000mm so we can select the gauge range as 0 to 1000mmwc .in this case if we fill 50% of tank with water the gauge will show 500mmwc which is  direct reading of level which is equal to 500mmWC=50% level. For 100% level  in the tank the gauge will show 1000mmWC

So like that we can measure 25%.50%,75% and so on

For example if 35% of the tank is filled with water the gauge reading will be ((35/100)*1000)=350mmWC

Case 2

Consider the same situation above but the liquid in the tank is different. Other than water consider crude oil whose specific gravity is .800

Then the gauge should be range 0 to (height of tank *specific gravity of liquid inside the tank ) here 1000*.800=800mmWC,thus the range of the gauge should be 0 to 800mmWC for 1000mm height tank installed at the bottom of the tank

Here also for 40% level in the tank the gauge will show a reading of (40/100) of span ie

((40/100)*800)=320 mmWC  reading in the pressure gauge

Displacer type level transmitter calibration /leveltroll calibration

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