Introduction of Allen Bradley PLC


Rockwell Automation traces its history to 1903 and the formation of the Compression Rheostat Company, founded by Lynde Bradley and Dr. Stanton Allen with an initial investment of $1000. In 1904, 19-year-old Harry Bradley joined his brother in the business.Allen Bradley is the brand-name of a line of Factory Automation Equipment manufactured by Rockwell Automation. The connection between the controller and the computer is either serial cable or Ethernet cable. We will explain the steps to setting up a project on PLC Allen Bradley using RS logix5000 software.


Allen Bradley –  Hardware.

Reliance Electric – Hardware.

Rockwell Solutions – Software.

Types of PLC 

1) Modular:- Input can be as per selection of input modules.

2) Compact:- Input number fixed, input modules are fitted on CPU.

Allen Bradley Types of PLC

Given below is a process ie controlled by the slc 500

Communication Software

RS linx :- It is the list of software drives.

PLC  Hardware

Chassis Type

4,7,10 & 13 slots (17 slots in logix Platform).


1) RS232 :-  Bound rate 19,200 bits/sec. maximum length 10m. connector nine pin delta.

2)DH485:- Data Highway,32node components, bus rate 19,200 bit/sec. Maximum length 4000 feet (1.2 km) connector RJ 45 (radio jack).

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Memory :-

1) Basic Type:-

1)Volatile:- Power Off/ Erase memory.

2)Non-Volatile :- Power off/ Non- erase memory.

2)Sub Type:-

1) RAM – Random access Memory.

2) ROM- Read only Memory.

3) EPROM- Erasable PROM.

4) PROM- Programmable  ROM.

5) EAROM- Electrically alterable read-only memory.

6)EEPROM- Electrically erasable PROM.

CPU Memory Organization

CPU memory divided in two parts.

1) Programmable Files.

 i.         System 0  (Not Assigned to User)

ii.        System 1  (Not Assigned to User)

iii.      LAD 2        (Main program file)

iv.      LAD 3 to LAD255( Subroutine, sub program file)

2) Data Files.

Do you want to know more about programming Basics of Ladder Logic – PLC simulator tutorial

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