Difference between Modular PLC & Compact PLC:

What is Modular PLC?

A Modular PLC consists of multiple modules such as CPUs, I/O modules, Power modules which are connected to a popular rack. It can expand the capacities of I / O.

The modular PLC is versatile and for this purpose can be designed. These modular PLCs have variable power supply, computational capacities, I / O connectivity, etc. in distinct dimensions.

What is the Compact PLC?

In Compact PLC, I/O capability is fixed and determined by the manufacturer. They are used for small scale uses.

A single case contains the multiple built-in modules. The integral PLC has integrated power supply, CPU, I/O interfaces and other components are housed in a compact chassis. Some of the integrated PLCs allow connecting additional I/Os.

Difference between Modular & Compact PLC:

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