What is a SCADA simulator?

A SCADA system is used for industrial process control, basically, it is a computer-controlled system that can monitor and transmit commands to improve the industrial process. So basically, a SCADA system would gather data and according to the collected data, it would provide command signals. The SCADA simulator is used to simulate the process principle …

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Leading 12 SCADA software

SCADA SOFTWARE A SCADA is software that can be used to monitor factory operations or the industrial process. By using SCADA software, we can combine the hardware and the software to make a better control system. In order to make improvements in the industrial process or to rectify process faults SCADA would send the required …

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Best 12 free SCADA software

What is the purpose of SCADA in an industrial process? Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is software that can be used to control the industrial process. SCADA can monitor a plant or equipment in industries such as oil and gas, chemical plants, etc. So SCADA is software that is used to monitor the industrial …

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What is transducer? The non-electrical quantity is converted into an electrical form for using electrical methods and techniques for measurement, manipulation and control. The device which when actuated, transforms energy from one form to another is called a transducer. Transducers are classified into: Active and Passive On the basis of principle used as Capacitive, Resistive, …


Industrial Robots|Design, benefits of robots

Industrial Robots Industrial robots and IoT are the key technologies to industry 4.0 (4th industrial revolution). Industrial robots are robotic systems designed and programmed for manufacturing. The mid-20th century was the key period of robotic research and development, especially in an industrial environment where repetitive motions and the lifting of heavy objects made the use …

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