What is TK-3 Calibrator ?

TK-3 Calibrator device offers mechanical reference movement for calibration and performance testing of machine protection devices.

The two models of the instrument have identical functions but different power sources. The TK3-2e is powered electrically and pressurized air drives the TK3-2 g.

The tool consists of two fundamental calibration units: a wobulator (used in combination with a dial indicator) and a micrometer for the spindle.

The transducer system is checked with a spindle micrometer and the calibration monitor position.

Principle :

The TK-3 Calibration Instrument simulates shaft vibration and position for the monitoring and control of vibration probes by Bently Nevada. It checks the working condition of the monitor readings and the proximity transducer system.

It verifies the monitor readings ‘ working condition as well as the proximity transducer system condition. A correctly calibrated scheme implies accuracy of the monitor measurements and inputs of the transducer and matching of both measurements.

A spindle micrometer is used to verify the calibration of the transducer scheme and track the location.

In calibrated increments, a probe mounting adapter provided with the TK3-2 holds the probe while the target is moved towards or away from the tip of the probe.

Using the motor driven wobble plate, vibration controls are calibrated. To keep the closeness probe in position, a swing-arm holder is situated above the wobble tray.

The vibration is then evaluated using the unit’s dial micrometer (no oscilloscope is required). The reading of a vibration monitor can then be contrasted with the recognized entry of the mechanical vibration signal.


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