Types of Switches that Mostly Used in Industries


Switch is a device that can break a circuit and also connect them again to set some kind of electrical things. This device can be referred as one of the main device in a circuit. There’s a lot of switches that usually used in industrial aspects:

  • Toggle Switch

This kind of switch is the most common switch that we used daily. the mechanism is as simple as breaking and connecting the circuit current.

  • Slide Switch

This kind of switch is usually used in small scale circuit. the mechanism is quite same with toggle switch but with “slide” operations. this slide is also can be used as selector switch.

  • Push Button Switch

This also types of switches that really familiar with our daily lives. this is a kind of mechanical switches that manually break or connect the circuit by using spring mechanism that applied to the button.

  • Rotary Switch

This switch is usually used for switching some condition in electrical circuit. This kind of circuit is operated by twisting the head until the indicator is indicating certain condition.this applied to in switching multiple conditions in electrical circuits.

  • Temperature Switch


This kind of switch is using temperature as the parameter to operate. certain temperature level is set to operate this kind of switch. it can be useful for setting some safety factor in industries.

  • Liquid Level Switch

This switches using floating object principle to operate, it will give an action when the floating object is reacing certain level. it can also called as liquid level sensor. it can be applied for valve control in a water reservoir.

Do you know What are different kinds of level switches?

  • Pressure Switches 

Pressure switches is a switch that using a certain pressure level as the input. this kind of switch is usually used in automobiles industries. it’s also can be used for controlling safety factor in a production floor. this kind of switch divided into Pneumatic switches and Hydraulic Switches.

However, switch is an important device that used in electrical thing, the application of this device is highly various depends on what’s needed.

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