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Procedures to do before starting up and shutting down a differential pressure transmitter

Installation: After installation and before start up of the differential pressure transmitter, be sure to perform the following checks and procedures.


(1) Check for liquid or gas leakage of the process connection by applying soapy water or similar.

(2) Check of the electrical connection according to the “Terminal block connection diagram

(3) Vent the process covers of the transmitter.


How to do a Zero point check

  1. Turn on the power to the transmitter.
  2. Check the output signal of the transmitter by connecting a DC ammeter across + and–
  3. After ten minutes or longer, adjust the transmitter output current at 4 mA (zero adjustment).

How to do a Zero adjustment


  • Adjustment by zero adjustment screw Zero adjustment is possible from outside screw on electronic housing.
  • Adjust zero point of the transmitter to 4 mA by turning the zero adjustment screw.
  • The higher you turn the screw, the quicker is the change of the zero.
  • After all operations are finished, assemble and tight the covers of the electronics housing. (Tightening torque: 20 N.m).

How do you take the transmitter online (working)

You just can’t simply take the transmitter in to online there are several steps

If you are operating your transmitter as a pressure transmitter

Open the valve slowly to apply a pressure. When a pressure is applied, the transmitter is set in the operating status.

If you are operating your transmitter as a differential pressure transmitter 

  1. Set the operating status by manipulating the manifold valve.
  2. Make sure the equalizing valve is open
  3. Open the stop valve on the HP side slowly
  4. Close the equalizing valve.
  5. Open finally; open the stop valve on the LP side slowly

How to Shutdown a transmitter

For Absolute and gauge pressure transmitters

Close the valve slowly to stop applying a pressure. The transmitter is set in the measurement stop status

If you are operating Flow and differential pressure transmitter

  1. Close the stop valve on the high pressure side (HP side) slowly.
  2. Open the equalizing valve.
  3. Close the stop valve on the low pressure side slowly

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