What is an Armoured Cable? Classification of Armoured Cables

What is Armoured Cable? When to use Armoured Cable? Where to Use Armoured Cable? Armoured Cable is used What is a Single-Phase Armoured Cable? What is Three Core Armoured Cable? What is Four Core Armoured Cable? Classification of Armoured Cables Wire-Braid Armoured Cable Steel Wire Armoured Cable Steel Tape Armoured Cable Aluminium Wire Armoured Cable …

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Instrument Bill of Material

What is an Instrument Bill of Material? A Bill of Material (BOM) is a complete inventory of all the parts and components that comprise an object or assembly; it is also a component of material requirement planning (MRP). Detailed Explanation of Instrument Bill of Material What is the purpose of the instrument Bill of Material …

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Instrument Air Header Schedule

The Instrument Air Header Schedule is a document that contains all of the information regarding the instrument air header and manifolds positioned in the process area. The Instrument Air Header Schedule contains the following information: What is an Instrument Air Header?  Air headers are designed to distribute air supply from the compressor to pneumatically operated …

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What is Instrumentation & Control?

What is Instrumentation & Control? Instrumentation is defined as measurement and control of process variables within a production, or manufacturing area.                                        In other words, instrumentation & control is one that deals with automated measurements that controls the physical quantities like pressure, level, temperature, flow etc. What are the different classes in Measuring instruments? Explain …

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Instrument Cable schedule

What is the instrument cable schedule? The cable schedule provides a list of all the cables connecting to instruments, junction boxes, marshalling cabinets, and system cabinets. Details regarding the cable number, type, size, length, termination, and glands are included in this document. Detailed Explanation of Instrument Cable Schedule What is included in the instrument cable …

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What are Analog & Digital Signals? Difference between these signals

Define Signals? Signals are defined as a source of information which varies with respect to independent variable. Signals are used in communicating information in any form. A data or information or message which is collected from one system is converted into electromagnetic wave and send to receiver end. The signals converted into electromagnetic wave can …

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Instrument Tray Layout

What is the instrument Tray layout? The Instrument Tray Layout is the diagram that indicates the location of the junction boxes, instrument air header, local panel, and instrument tray routing with respect to the Instrument location layout. Detailed Explanation of Instrument Tray Layout Cable Tray wiring systems are more common than conduit wiring systems because …

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Instrument Location Layout

What is instrument location layout? The arrangement of an instrument in a process area is known as an “Instrument location layout.” This diagram displays each instrument’s precise location with respect to the plant layout. Detailed Explanation of Instrument Location Layout Instrument location layout is also referred to as an “Instrument location plan.” Instrument location layout refers …

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Difference between Sensor & Transducer

What is Transducer? The non-electrical quantity is converted into an electrical form by using electrical method. The techniques like measurement, manipulation and control are done in transducer. The device when actuated, transforms energy from one form to another is called a transducer. Transducers classification: The transducer classifications shown are: Active & Passive Transducer: Active transducer …

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