Analytical Instrumentation

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Oxygen analyzers | Zirconia analyzer & magnetic wind method

Oxygen analyzers are devices that measure the level of oxygen in a system, therefore, determines if the level needs to be increased or not. Oxygen analyzers, in turn, use a kind of oxygen sensor for their functioning. Oxygen analyzers provide valuable measurements in combustion control, process quality, safety and environmental applications. The methods of measuring oxygen concentration …

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What are Photovoltaic Sensors ?

Introduction An important type of photodetector is the photovoltaic cell, which generates a voltage that is proportional to the incident EM radiation intensity. These sensors are called photovoltaic cells because of their voltage-generating capacity, but the cells actually convert EM energy into electrical energy. Photovoltaic cells are very important in instrumentation and control applications because …

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What are Radiation Pyrometers ?

Introduction A pyrometer is any temperature measurement device that includes a sensor and a reading. However, in this section we will discuss only radiation pyrometers. A radiation pyrometer is a non-contact temperature sensor that infers the temperature of an object by detecting its thermal radiation emitted naturally. Working principle  An optical system collects the visible …

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Gas chromatography

What is Gas chromatography? A Gas chromatographer is a laboratory instrument used to analysis gas or hydrocarbon mixtures. In gas chromatography, the components of a sample are separated and highly sensitive quantitative analysis is carried out for each component. This process can measure virtually any type of gas or any liquid that can be vaporized. Block …

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What is optical pyrometer?

Introduction A pyrometer, or radiation thermometer, is a non-contact instrument that detects the temperature of an object’s surface by measuring the temperature of the electromagnetic radiation (infrared or visible) emitted by the object. The pyrometer is any non-conductive device that intercepts and measures thermal radiation. This measurement is often used to determine the temperature, often …

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UV type fire detectors

Introduction In process plants, sudden release of hydrocarbon / self igniting fluids may develop rapidly into a fire. In such cases it is imperative that fire is detected right at inception. Fire detectors are the devices which effectively carry out this task in this session we are going to discuss about UV type fire detectors Working …

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What is a Geiger Muller? The Geiger-Müller tube or the G-M tube is the sensor element of the Geiger counter instrument used for the detection of ionizing radiation.Hans Geiger developed the device in 1908.In 1928, Geiger and Walther Muller improved the GEIGER MULLER COUNTER so that it could detect more types of ionizing radiation,Particle detector that measures ionizing radiation.The particles are usually beta and …


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