Author name: Sundareswaran Iyalunaidu

With over 24 years of dedicated experience, I am a seasoned professional specializing in the commissioning, maintenance, and installation of Electrical and Instrumentation and Control systems. My expertise extends across a spectrum of industries, including Power stations, Oil and Gas, Aluminium, Utilities, Steel, and Continuous process industries.

Earthing Drawing

What is Earthing? Earthing is a very important safety feature for electrical devices, circuits, and other things. Earthing is the process of transferring electrical energy immediately and directly to the ground through a low resistance channel. Electrical earthing is the technique of immediately discharging electrical energy into the earth with the use of a low …

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Difference between Managed Switch and Unmanaged Switch

Define a Switch How do you classify the switches? Switches can be classified as  Define Managed Switch Define Unmanaged Switch Difference between Managed Switch & Unmanaged switch  A Managed Switch hierarchies LAN traffic by permitting higher user control for critical traffic, whereas an Unmanaged Switch consists of default settings. An unmanaged switch, on the other …

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Safety valve principle

What is the principle of safety valve? What is the construction of safety valve in boiler? The safety valve is composed mostly of three components: a nozzle, disc, and spring. Through the nozzle, pressurised steam enters the valve and is then threaded to the boiler. The disc serves as the nozzle’s lid, opening or shutting …

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What is a smart sensor?

What is a Smart Sensor? Working Principle of Smart Sensor  What are the basic components included in a smart sensor? The Smart sensors typically include the following components shown below  What are the main basic functions of Smart Sensors? The smart sensors perform four main basic functions such as This action is done by sensing …

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Advanced Process Control (APC)

What is Advanced Process Control system? Advanced Process Control Benefits Implementing advanced process control (APC) offers several benefits to industrial processes: What are the components of advanced process control? Here are the key components of APC: Process Models APC utilizes mathematical models that represent the behavior of the process. These models capture the relationships between …

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Getting Started with PLC Hardware and Software

1. PLC Programming – learning PLC programming uses software to design and implement control systems. It controls sensors, machinery, and industrial processes. Learn ladder logic, which employs pictorial symbols to represent electrical circuits, to programme PLCs. One must also understand inputs, outputs, timers, counters, and logical operations. Hands-on PLC hardware, simulation software, and troubleshooting experience …

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System Architecture

What are the basic elements of a control system? Basic parts of system architecture are shown below What is system architecture with example? An architecture diagram is a graphical representation that depicts the physical implementation of software system components. It illustrates the overall structure of the software system as well as the relationships, constraints, and …

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