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Different Configurations of DP transmitter for level, density measurement

Differential Pressure Transmitter (DPT) are used to measure level in process tanks which compares the pressure measurement between pressure at the bottom of the tank with atmospheric pressure, or pressure at the empty space at the top of the same tank. General Differential Pressure Transmitter Methods: There is a variety of system arrangements for determining …

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Density Measurement – Vibrating Element Densitometers

Vibrating Element Densitometers Principle: If a body containing or surrounded by a fluid is set to resonance at its natural frequency, then the frequency of oscillation of the body will vary as the fluid properties and conditions change. The natural frequency is directly proportional to the stiffness of the body and inversely proportional to the …

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Density measuring devices

Introduction In this session we are going to discuss about density measuring devices ,before that we need to go through the basics. Density ρ  of a material is defined as the mass per unit volume. Units of density are pounds (slug) per cubic foot [lb (slug)/ft3] or kilogram per cubic meter (kg/m3). Specific weight γ is defined …

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Types of level measurement

Describe the various types of level measurements. Level measurement of fluid is categorized into two groups 1. Direct Level Measurement 2. Indirect level measurement Let us discuss direct-level measurement in detail. Direct Method  It is also known as the Mechanical method. This method is considered a local indication method. Direct-level measurement is a simple & …

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Ultrasonic industry level transmitter

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Working Principle

Ultrasonic Sensors Measurement Principle          Ultrasonic transducers transmit and receive sound waves using piezoelectric components. When a voltage is provided, the piezo components start to vibrate. High-frequency soundwaves are created by this vibration. These impulses are reflected by the target, and an echo is sent back to the ultrasonic transducer. The distance can be determined …

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Three element boiler feed water control

Three Element Control

What is 3 Element Control? Boilers in power plants that encounter quick and wide-ranging load variations need three-element control. Control with three elements is quite similar to control with two elements, with the exception that the water flow loop is closed rather than open. In order to determine the feedwater flow’s index or set point, …

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