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300+ Instrumentation Engineering Interview Questions – Part 2

1. What is RTD? RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detector) are temperature detectors whose resistance changes as the temperature rises. RTDs are used for continuous temperature measurement and have a positive temperature coefficient. When the temperature rises, the resistance of the RTD decreases. Advantages of RTD: 1). More accurate 2). Linear output 3). High sensitivity Disadvantages of RTD: …

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Hey guys without any further a due Here are the 43 interview questions about Piping/instrumentation 1.What are instrument categories? Ans: General, flow, temperature, pressure, level, density.etc. 2.Which instruments are handled by piping department ? Ans: flame arrestor, breather valve. 3.What are basic functions of instruments? Ans: To sense, transmit, indicate, read and control. 4.Why block valve is …


High-Pressure Sensors

Introduction  For the purposes of this section, we will define high-pressure instruments as devices that are capable of measuring pressures in excess of 10,000 to 20,000 PSIG (700 to 1,400 bars) One might group these sensors by other characteristics, such as: 1. Mechanical, such as pressure repeaters, helical bourdon tubes, or dead weight testers 2. …

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