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What is a deluge valve ?


Deluge valves are elastomeric type globe valves that act with a rolling diaphragm, with a solid integral and resistant seal. These automatic water control valves are designed for vertical or horizontal installation. The dilution valve is kept closed by the water pressure of the system trapped in the control chamber. When the release system operates, the pressure is released from the control chamber, and the seal disc opens to allow water to flow into the system.

Working principle of Deluge valves

The deluge valve (assembled with a specific fit) is suitable for systems that include adequate detection systems and open nozzle pipelines. The deluge valve prevents water from entering the system piping until it is needed. The deluge valve is maintained closed by pressure applied to the control chamber through a restricted priming line. In the SET position, the water pressure supplied through the deluge valve control chamber via a check valve and through the normally closed release device. The pressure trapped in the valve chamber presses the valve seal disk down, sealing the valve and keeping the pipe dry. Under test or fire conditions, when pressure is released from the automatic release device or by manual release, the deluge valve opens and allows the input supply water to flow through the valve into the system pipe and the alarm devices.

Note Whenever the handle of the Manual Emergency Release is pulled, pressure is released from the control chamber, the deluge valve will open, and water will flow into system piping and alarm devices.

Valve Closed (Set Position)


Line pressure applied to the control chamber of the valve creates a superior force that moves the valve to the closed position and provides drip tight sealing.

Valve Open (Operating Conditions)

Releasing the pressure from the control chamber to atmosphere or some other lower pressure zone causes the line pressure acting on the seal disc to move the valve to the open position

Main Features

■ One-piece molded elastomeric moving part – No maintenance required
■ In-line serviceable, field replaceable internal parts
■ Obstacle free, full bore
■ Available in corrosion resistant materials
■ Designed to be reset without opening the valve
■ Compatible with electric/hydraulic/pneumatic release and pressure control trim systems

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