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Turbine flow meter installation guidelines:

Turbine flowmeter is a common type of flow meter.
It is one of the most precise and reproducible flow meters accessible for transfer of custody.

The meter includes a body, a bearing-supported rotor, an inlet nose cone, and an electronic or mechanical reading.

Turbine meters measure flow rate by counting the number of revolutions of a rotor that spins as the gas flows across its blades

Installation of Turbine flowmeter:

  • First check the flow meter is free from foreign materials and the turbine should rotate freely.
  • Flush the entire system so that it is free of flux, solder, and slag.
  • Prepare the flow meter to be installed by loosening the clamping nut and removing the turbine assembly completely in the hot tap adapter
  • The preferred configuration for plumbing is one with a bypass line shown below. This enables the meter to be inspected and repaired without interrupting the flow and the capacity to cycle the fluid through the system filter before diverting to the flow meter.
  • Install process connections to ensure that the tube goes upstream and downstream of the meter place.
  • The minimum straight run upstream should be at least 20 diameters and the straight run downstream should be at least 5 diameters length.
  • If the assembly site has more than 25 diameters of straight run, the excess straight run should be upstream of the place of the meter.
  • The flow meter should be installed with the flow direction arrow pointing in the direction of fluid flow.
  • The fluid to be measured should be filtered, for flow measurement without interruption.

Installation effects:

The flow swirling in the rotor direction tends to give the rotor momentum, causing a positive measurement bias, while the flow flowing in the opposing rotor direction creates a negative bias.

Meters with integral flow conditioners tend to be less sensitive to flow distortions due to the setup of the upstream pipes


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