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Online Calibration Test Points Value Calculator

Calibrating instruments is a crucial aspect of ensuring accurate and reliable measurements in various industrial applications. To facilitate this process, a Calibration Test Points Calculator can be a valuable tool, helping technicians and engineers determine specific test points for the calibration of  transmitters within a given range. In this guide, we’ll explore how to use such a calculator, including input definitions, formulas, and an example calculation.

Online Calibration Test Points Value Calculator

The Calibration Test Points Calculator requires three key input parameters:

This is the lower limit of the instrument’s set range. For instance, if the pressure transmitter’s pressure range is from 100 psi to 200 psi, the LRV would be 100 psi.

This represents the upper limit of the instrument’s set range. In our example, it is 200 psi.

To calculate the test points, two formulas are employed:

This is determined by dividing the difference between URV and LRV by the specified number of test points minus 1. 

The formula is ΔTP = (URV – LRV) / (N – 1).

where N is the number of test points (5 in the case of 5 point calibration).

The actual test points are then calculated using the formula 

TPV = LRV + (i – 1) × ΔTP

where i represents each test point from 1 to 5 for 5 point calibration.

Let’s illustrate this with a practical pressure transmitter example:

LRV: 100 psi

URV: 200 psi

N: 5 (number of test points)

Using the formulas:

Calculate ΔTP:

ΔTP = (200 – 100) / (5 – 1) = 25 psi

Calculate Test Points (TPV):

The five test point values are

At 0%

TPV1 = 100+(1−1)×25=100 psi

At 25%

TPV2 = 100+(2−1)×25=125 psi

At 50%

TPV3 = 100+(3−1)×25=150 psi

At 75%

TPV4 = 100+(4−1)×25=175 psi

At 100%

TPV5 = 100+(5−1)×25=200 psi

The calculated test points for the specified pressure range (100 to 200 psi) of the pressure transmitter with 5 test points are 100 psi, 125 psi, 150 psi, 175 psi, and 200 psi.

The below online calculator is used to calculate the Calibration Test Points. 

A Calibration Test Points Calculator simplifies the process of determining precise test points for calibration. By inputting the lower and upper range values, technicians can efficiently calculate the test points and ensure accurate instrument calibration. This instrumentation tool enhances the efficiency of calibration processes, contributing to the overall reliability of measurements in industrial environments.

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