Pressure Measurement

How to Classify Pressure measuring Instruments?

Classification of Pressure measuring instruments 

We can classify the pressure measuring instruments into 3 major categories

1.Moderate Pressure measurement
2.Very high-pressure measurement
3.High vacuum measurement

Moderate pressure measurement 

A – Manometers
B – Mechanical displacement type
      Ring balance manometer
      Bell-Type Manometer
C-Elastic pressure transducer
     -Bourdon tube pressure gage
     -Diaphragm type gauge
     -Bellow Gages
D-Electrical pressure transducers
      -Resistance type pressure transducer
      -Potentiometer devices
      -Inductive type transducer
      -Capacitive type transducer
      -Piezoelectric pressure transducer

Very High-pressure Measurement   

Electric gages based on resistance change of Manganin or Gold – Chrome wire are used

High Vaccum Measurement
A Mcleod Gage
B Thermal conductivity gage
C Ionization Gage
D Knudsen Gage

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