Essential documents required for an instrument engineer.

As i said in my previous post here i am going to explain about the documents which is essential for instrument engineers.Four types of documents are mainly used by instrumentation engineers.
Instrument index.
An instrument index is a consolidated list of all instruments which is used in the plant.Instrument index is made
according to the P&ID.In this all instruments tags are listed in an orderly manner.It consists of following details.

a).Type of instrument.

b).Location of an instrument.

c).Installation standard.

Data sheet.

Data sheet is a document which contains information about the performance and characteristics of an instrument.An example for data sheet is given below.

Cable schedule.

We can categorise the cables in to two type.1.Primary cables and 2.Secondary cables.

1.Primary cables

Cable which is laid between junction box and control room is called primary cable.

2.Secondary cables.

These cable is laid between instrument and junction box.

Cable schedule gives the details about from where the cable has to come and where it has to go.For easiness each cable is tagged and the details is mentioned in cable schedule.

Bill of material.

Bill of material is a list of raw material required.For impulse piping lot of materials are required.Eg: elbows,nipples,tees,coupling etc..By referring bill of material an engineer could get an idea about the material
required and its specification.

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