Working of Pressure Reducing Valve


This Pressure Reducing Valve is an elastomeric, line pressure driven pilot operated pressure control valve. Designed specifically for advanced fire protection systems and the latest industry standards. This Pressure Reducing Valve reduces high upstream pressure to a precise, preset, stable downstream pressure. Due to its exceptional reliability and low head loss the valve is ideal for control of fire pump discharge. It is also well-suited to prevent over-pressure in sprinklers, hose stations, and other discharge devices. As an option the valve can be fitted with a valve position indicator that can include a limit switch suitable for Fire & Gas monitoring systems.

Working of  Pressure Reducing Valve

The pressure control valve automatically and accurately reduces water pressure from a high inlet pressure to a lower pre-set outlet pressure. The pressure of the output assembly can be adjusted by means of the pilot adjustment screw [5]. The valve works in both flow and static conditions. The pressure reduction pilot valve [4] detects changes in the outlet pressure [6] and modulates the control valve to maintain the preset outlet pressure.
When the outlet pressure rises above the pre-set pressure, the pilot valve accelerates, allowing the pressure to build up in the control chamber [1], this causes the control valve to close more and reduce the outlet pressure. When departure
the pressure drops, the pilot valve opens wider, releasing pressure from the control chamber. This causes control
the valve opens more and increases the outlet pressure. An integral restrictor [3] controls the closing speed of the valve.


System Installation

Hose System Pressure Reduction
■ Reduces a high/unstable pressure supply to suit fire hose pressure


Sprinkler System Pressure Reduction
■ Reduces a high, unstable pressure supply to a preset, stable system pressure


Typical Applications

  • Sprinkler feed systems
  •  Fire pump discharge control
  •  Hose station supply
  •  Fire hydrant supply
  •  Foam systems
  •  Zonal pressure control

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