What are the factors that must be considered while setting an industrial distribution board?

A distribution board is a device that has bus bars, switches, fuses, and automatic protective devices. With the help of the distribution box, we can connect and control a number of branch circuits. The incoming power will be handled by the distribution board this device has the main circuit and it has branch circuit and the DB can control all the branch circuits in case of any failure. DB can protect the electrical systems and equipment in case of any electrical problem.

DB connections

At first, we need to check the distribution board’s wiring, we can see the incoming wiring in the DB, and it will be connected to the MCB input, and from the MCB output it will be connected to the RCCB, so that we can see both MCCB and RCCB in the distribution board. MCB is to do short circuit overload protection and RCCB is used for earth leakage protection. So for a proper system, we need a short circuit, overload, and earth leakage protection. The RCCB phases will be separately connected to the MCCB so the phase wires RYB will be separated and the R phase wires will be tied equally and the same for the other phase and it is the standard way for the DB. In the DB we can see two neutral links and two earth links, so these are the major DB connections.


Ferruling is another important factor that must be considered in a DB by the ferruling we can determine which wire is connected to which point or which wire is connected to which switchboard all these details can be determined by the ferruling, so if there are no ferruling so in case of any failure if we check the DB we couldn’t understand which wire is connected to the failure part and it will be difficult. While doing the ferruling a tag will be given at the DB and also another tag will be given at the end part of the wire connection and that’s how we can determine the wire connection and faults by ferruling.

DB scheduling

A DB scheduling is a process in which creating a document and this document will be attached to the DB, this document includes all the details related to the wiring connections like which wire goes to which switchboard and the connected loads all these details will be shown in this document. So if a person who is not familiar with these connections can also find out the faults in an industrial DB.

Double earthing

This is another important factor while setting a DB for an industrial DB it is really important to do the double earthing, earthing will be done in DB body and in earth link.


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