What is a PID control action?

Introduction There are two basic actions of PID with respect to the control direction of MV.  These are direct action and reverse action. Direct action will lead the MV to increase when the PV is larger than the SV.(For example, cooling application)· Reverse action will lead the MV to decrease when the PV is larger …

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P&ID legends

INTRODUCTION As an Instrument Technician trainee you will use Piping and Instrument Diagrams or P&ID’s in your job.  You must be able to interpret the information and symbols shown on the drawing.For that you need the help of P&ID legends. The P&ID’s on the job site will help you in five different ways: To identify …

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P&ID and Common Abbreviation

INTRODUCTION A piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) is a diagram in the process industry which shows the piping of the process flow together with the installed equipment and instrumentation. The P&ID are also used to operate the process system. P&ID shows all of piping including the physical sequence of branches, reducers, valves, equipment, instrumentation and control …

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