Low Cost PLC’s for beginners


I would like to introduce some low cost PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controller) hardware for beginners to learn about PLC. Instead of wasting money in PLC training courses, it is better to spend money on a cheap PLC. You can learn about PLC your own.

Some good PLC models with basic functions are available for less than 100$ (6000 Indian Rupees approximately). Free PLC programming software is available for download. I will give links of some of the best free PLC programming software. If you are really interested you can become a master in PLC programming without anyone’s help.

Where to start learning PLC logic development?

Before investing money on a PLC, try to download a PLC simulator and start making simple ladder logic programs.

Free PLC simulators can be downloaded from following link-

1.CLICK® Series Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)


The click standard cpu consists of 8 discrete inputs and 6 discrete outputs ie already build in it . You can Use a CLICK PLC unit as a stand-alone controller or by expand the system by installing up to eight additional I/O modules for up to 142 total discrete I/O points and 54 analog I/O channels that is powered by 24VDC

The main features are

  • Easy installation: saves space because it does not require any mounting base
  • Price of this PLC starts at 69$ (5000 Indian Rupees).
  • CLICK series is a low-end PLC product from Automatiodirect. It supports both discrete and anlog I/O.This PLC supports thermocouple input. PLC is expandable.
  • Basic version has built in RS-232 communication ports.
  • PLC Programming software is free. It can be downloaded from the following link.
  • To know more about click PLC’s click the link below

click PLC

2.Micro800 Series by Allen Bradley


This micro PLC series is from Rockwell automation. Micro800 controllers are designed for low-cost, standalone machines. They come in different size with respect to the I/O ports embedded in the baseComparing to Automation Direct PLC,Micro by Allen Bradley is expensive. The price of the PLC is above 100$ (6500 INR). It will match your lower end application due global standard for convenience and ease of use

The main features are:

  • Micro810 PLC is nano sized. This PLC supports 12 digital output and 4 high current relay outputs.
  • This PLC is a very good option for beginners and for small home automation application.
  • PLC program can be downloaded through USB.
  • All the Plc members in the 800 family shares common components and accessories.
  • PLC has a built in LCD panel which allows to monitor the status of PLC.
  • PLC program can be monitored using the LCD panel.
  • It supports ladder programming.
  • Standard edition software available as a free download ;click the link below
  • Use Connected Components Workbench software to configure Micro800 PLC. Standard edition is free.

Product Information is available on following link

3.LOGO! By Siemens


Logo! From Siemens has been very successful because of their simple installation, and its ability to control tasks in a convenient and cost-efficient manner. And a user friendly software. For beginners with price conscious there are now six LOGO! 8 starter kits: individually equipped to meet your needs.

The price of the logo! The software costs US $ 73.69

The main features are:

  • Directly on the device or on a PC with LOGO! Soft Comfort V8 (Windows, Linux and IOS)
  • Connect functions with drag & drop
  • Offline simulation and online test
  • Values can be displayed as bar graphs
  • I/O switching states can be assigned text parameters
  • Parameters can be changed directly on the device in text messages
  • The LOGO! Can be expanded to 24 DI/ 8 AI/ 20 DO/ 8 AO
  • Connection to the PC is enabled through Ethernet cable

This trainer package includes all resources that need to students and trainees to get familiar with this module

Guide link

To download the Siemens LOGO! PLC software click the link below

Download now

4.Velocio’s Ace PLCs


We can definitely say that Velocio’s Ace PLCs are stand alone members from other PLC manufactures due to its size. it is the world’s smallest PLC  2.5″ x 2.5″ x 0.5″.They have very powerful software that comes from a very low contains 36 I/O with 12 digital I/P ,12 Digital O/P and 12 analog I/P.ace is very easy to wire. Ace PLCs are programmable, using Velocio’s vBuilder software. The development of the program interface between the PC running vBuilder and An Ace is a standard USB communications cable. Through this USB cable, the Ace PLC can be programmed, refined and implemented.

Its price starts from $49

The main features are:

  • Up to 36 Inputs and Outputs
  • USB connection to PC and other Host devices
  • RS232/RS485 on some models
  • Smallest physical footprint of any PLC
  • High end software features that are easy to use
  • Graphical program development in flow charts or ladder

Click to download v builder software for free

And for manual


To purchace the PLC click the link below

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